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Daniel Sufficool, MD


Kettering Health Network Radiation Oncologist



Daniel Sufficool, MD, is a trained radiation oncologist who has recently established a career at Kettering Health Network in the Dayton, Ohio area. He is a skilled and compassionate doctor, one who has taken on the white coat as a challenge, and as a calling.

Dr. Sufficool began his career in medicine at Union College (NE), earning a degree in International Rescue and Relief, a unique BS degree geared toward global health, disaster planning, mitigation, and responsiveness. Part of his training and education in this area included running medical clinics in Nicaragua.

Daniel Sufficool’s passion for the medical field grew under this education, as did his interest in the medical field. In 2011, he entered the Loma Linda University School of Medicine, a university with a unique approach of whole person care, with emphasis on not only the patient’s medical needs, but the physical, emotional and spiritual needs as well.

While at Loma Linda, Daniel was a leader, taking on the role of Class President. He took well to his responsibilities and promoted a spirit of cooperation, instituting systems for collaborative reviewing and sharing of resources.

Daniel’s time with the school was accompanied by clinical and benchwork research with the Donaldson Arthritis Research Foundation, the university’s Cardiology department and the James Slater Proton Therapy Treatment and Research Center. His research with the Radiation Oncology department was focused on research involving the development of new techniques for proton radiosurgery. Daniel finds the Oncological field exciting and interesting, as the frontier of new technologies and treatment methods are continually expanding.

Daniel Sufficool found this radiation research to be incredibly challenging and endlessly fascinating. He followed his intrigue through graduation and into a Radiation Oncology residency with the Loma Linda Medical Center. Completing his specialization in Radiation Oncology, he developed a robust and in-depth knowledge of the techniques and options available to patients. In addition, he worked with his mentor Dr. Yang to develop a highly effective novel treatment for liver metastasis using ablative proton technology. One of his greatest interests, which he continues to carry with him today, is encouraging awareness of the preventative options that can help remove the possibility of facing cancer treatments altogether.

Today, Daniel is a Radiation Oncologist with the Kettering Health Network in Dayton, Ohio. In this position, he works one-on-one with patients, finding them the best treatment for their health and quality of life. Cancer diagnoses can be traumatic and frightening to receive, and Dr. Sufficool wants to provide his patients with a guide through the fear and discomfort. His work may focus on managing physical care, but his mind is always with his patients and their mental health as they proceed through the care process.

Dr. Daniel Sufficool is a tried and true professional who works with his patients, providing them with answers and options for the best care possible. His understanding of patient outcomes allows his patients to find the best result for them and works with them to find the best solution in a difficult situation.


Past Positions


Chief Resident

Completed Radiation Oncology Residency, serving as Chief Resident. Under the mentorship of Gary Yang, MD he helped pioneer novel radiation techniques for ablative radiotherapy to the liver. While here, he developed and implemented a novel format for a resident led lecture series, in order to foster a collaborative learning and discussion environment among residents.


Under the leadership of Reinhard Schulte, MD and Ying Nie, MD, PhD had the great fortune to be a part of novel translational research involving development of new techniques for proton radiosurgery for the treatment atrial fibrillation and other cardiac arrhythmia in animal models.


Under the leadership of Ian Clarke, PhD and Thomas Donaldson, MD the Donaldson Arthritis Research Foundation focuses on patient outcome studies, basic science studies and clinical trials of new products that will result in improvement of joint replacement products and the promotion of orthopedic education.




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  • Sufficool, D., et al. Interim Results of a Phase I/II Trial of Proton Stereotactic Body Radiation Therapy
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    large-diameter MOM. Orthopedic Research Society. San Francisco, California, 2012.




American Radium Society: Young Oncologist Award 
Highest award for outstanding abstract, travel grant for oral presentation at annual meeting in Dana Point, CA

Community Outreach


Loma Linda University

Provided tutoring services and education to students


Believe Walk for Breast Cancer 2019

Walk Marshall

Participated in walk created to raise critical funds to support cancer-fighting organizations throughout the Loma Linda area. Through the generosity of sponsors and donors; the Believe Walk will directly impact lives, by providing funds to improve cancer care and support services for cancer patients and their families in the Inland Empire communities of Southern California.


Loma Linda Daniel Sufficool

Loma Linda University is a private, Christian, coeducational, health sciences university located in Southern California, close to San Bernardino. The school seeks to provide an envitonrment for learning that emphasizes personal integrity, intellectual development, and community service.

Union College Ne Daniel Sufficool Md

Union College is a Seventh-day Adventist, four-year institution of higher education offering more than 50 majors, minors and emphases in 27 fields of study. Union College encourages students from all faith backgrounds to find their God-designed potential for leadership, scholarship and service.

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